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Mobicap Overview
Mobicap is a mobile road assessment data capturing program for the real-time capturing of road condition assessment data using touch-screen tablet PCs. It uses a GPS to capture the actual road position, can be used to log or track the road network and can also be linked to sophisticated IP cameras to capture geo-referenced jpeg images. Road inventory and assets can also be captured, if required. Assessment data can be exported to .csv files from which the data can be imported into many other programs, spreadsheets and systems.

Mobicap can work with any road or pavement type and can be set up to have different input forms for each.It can be linked to traditional maps and shapefiles and provides ongoing information about the status of the road assessment project. It is fast, user friendly and easy to operate.

Mobicap has been used extensively in South and Southern Africa since 2009 for road assessment data capturing in most of the provinces, a number of the large Metropolitan areas as well as a few of the smaller cities.
Road Maintenance and Assessment Software
The user is central to the design of Mobicap and the graphical user interface is enhanced to Speed up the assessment of roads, Mobicap can be further customized and modified to suite your needs. Assessment data input forms are customized to provide for the actual data being captured in any specific project.

The thumbnail pictures below are provided as samples of some of the input screens used in Mobicap and should give an indication of the user interface provided in Mobicap. Click on the pictures to view larger images in a new window.

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